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The Baltimore Protests. Have you ever walked a mile in their shoes?

As I’ve read all the feedback from people about ‘The Baltimore Protests’, I couldn’t help but wonder have any of these people ever actually lived around dire poverty? Have any of the people who have a mouthful to share on social media about the “criminals and thugs” ever actually got off their ass and got [...]

Ferguson: A Chance to Bring Community Healing Together.

With absolute tragedy comes opportunity. The tragedy in Ferguson, MO is an absolute tragedy, but we can let this young man’s life not be in vain if we as a people come together with a spirit of community to honor the most basic premise of the American dream that all (hu)men are created equal. Is [...]

Ferguson: What People Really Want Is Truth & Justice.

As I read about Ferguson, I see people defending both sides of the argument for their own various reasons. What I believe is the common thread from both sides, that people want truth and justice. The American People (disregarding true sociopaths and blatant racists and bigots) have always just wanted truth and justice. That’s what [...]

“We Are Living In The Most Important Time In The History Of The Universe” Dolores Cannon Discusses Our Current Paradigm | Collective-Evolution

This is a Re-Blog From Collective Evolution about the paradigm shift happening on Mother Earth. Click the link and keep your mind open. Does anyone else believe that they lived in the times of Atlantis? “We Are Living In The Most Important Time In The History Of The Universe” Dolores Cannon Discusses Our Current Paradigm [...]

I’m an odd duck (dynasty pun intended), I support Gay and Gun Rights!

(Literally) I’m really an odd duck as far as country boys go. I believe in human rights and the 1st Amendment, but I’ll have to call it Gay Rights for the purpose of this article. I also believe in The Second Amendment, but for the purposes of this article I’ll have to call it Gun [...]

Dreamers Wanted… Apply within.

Ok, so we’re not the only ones… If you’re a dreamer, a doer, a game changer, a believer or just a concerned person. The time is now to awaken my friends! Come join us and let the world know we’re not the only ones! Saturday October 12th people all over the world will come together [...]

The greatest generation has not happened yet. The generation of today must rise up to face the evil.

This post is not meant to take away from the generation that Tom Brokaw described as ‘The Greatest Generation’. This post is a call out to the men and women of this generation. There is a danger of the greatest importance at work now in this world today that is an evil like nothing we [...]

To not be complicit in crimes against the American people by helping fund Department of Homeland Security we have been forced to quit live music.

It is with a heavy minor chord heart that we make this important announcement. What you read above is true. The Department of Homeland Security through The State Fire Marshall says that the first Amendment of the United States is no longer valid and you cannot peaceably assemble and exercise our right to free speech [...]

In honor of Martin Luther today’s blog is “Why I love Jesus, but hate religion”

Martin Luther King Jr.’s selfless dedication to making the world a better place for all of us, and ultimately to honor the one true God / Jah / Allah / Buda of all of us, is a true testament to the human race. The testament is that there are still living miracles that happen to [...]

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